Barbara Kakembo


Barbara Kakembo, BBA Accounting

HIV Financial Coordinator

Barbara has 4  years’ worth of experience in the HIV/AIDS field, primarily focused on Fiscal Accounting specifically Ryan White Programs. Areas of expertise include:

  • ​Preparation of financial records, subrecipient and administrative expenditures and reimbursements for HIV Grants.
  • Financial information reconciliations, clarification of expenditures and resolves discrepancies in financial records.
  • Analyzes accounts and prepares work papers for external audit and monitoring.
  • Preparation of monthly and annual financial reports
  • Fiscal monitoring of Grant expenses and spending to ensure compliance with federal, state, and County laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Coordination of subrecipient and non-subrecipient contracts monitoring to ensure financial compliance within each grant and contract.
  • Preparation of grant application budgets and budget narratives while ensuring that federal, state and other grants are managed within current budgets and expenditures while following grant guidelines.



  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 817-370-4529

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