Kaitlin Lopez


Kaitlin Lopez, MBA

Grant Coordinator, Quality and Planning

Kaitlin has 6 years’ worth of experience in the HIV/AIDS field, primarily focused on Quality Management and Jurisdictional Planning. Areas of expertise include:

  • Development and implementation of local HIV/AIDS Clinical Quality Management program and continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities
  • Keen focus on community and involving People Living with HIV in Quality and Planning projects
  • Recipient office support including grant coordination, grant activity implementation, and website/social media management
  • Coordination of Recipient and Subrecipient policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Ryan White legislation
  • Advising clients on impact of Ryan White funding, policies, and programs to improve health outcomes, remove disparities and barriers to care, and improve client satisfaction
  • Clinical Quality Management operations including analysis of health outcomes impacting local HIV Care Continua
  • Quality Assurance subrecipient monitoring and technical assistance
  • Nationally recognized Clinical Quality Management Program and Consumer Advisory Board (HIT HIV)


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Project Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Organizational Development and Change
  • Lean Six Sigma, Green Belt
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Project Lifecycle Management Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Master Quality Manager (MCP)
  • Microsoft Project Certification
  • Trauma Informed Care Certification

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 817-370-4526


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