Kaitlyn Malec

Kaitlyn Malec, MPA

Assistant Quality and Planning Coordinator

Kaitlyn has 2 years’ worth of experience in the HIV/AIDS field, primarily focused on Clinical Quality Management. Areas of expertise include:

  • Keen focus on community and consumers (PLWH)
  • Development of Recipient and Sub-Recipient policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Ryan White legislation
  • QM/Planning Program including gathering community input; meeting with consultants, subrecipients, people with HIV, planning bodies, and other stakeholders involved in QM/Planning activities; developing quality and planning reports and planning documents; and identifying ways to improve health outcomes by understanding community needs and challenges.
  • Conducting ongoing chart abstractions and desktop monitoring, utilizing an established tool to ensure federal and state performance measures and quality indicators are met.
  • Advising subrecipient agencies in the collection and dissemination of patient satisfaction surveys and data for all funded services.
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration with other local, state, and federal organizations, actively working to identify and recruit agencies to deliver Ryan White/Ending the HIV Epidemic services and entering into community partnerships.
  • Collaborating and engaging with government, private industry, non-profits, and residents to seek public input on community needs and challenges.
  • Designing and researching planning documents based on community input and client needs.
  • Preparing and scoring Requests for Proposals, Requests for Bids, and Requests for Quotes.
  • Planning and development of grant-related deliverables including the Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan, needs assessments, and work plans to ensure progress towards ending the HIV epidemic.
  • Developing and conducting consumer focus groups to identify program priorities and needs.
  • Knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations governing federal grant programs.




  • Master of Public Administration
  • Certifications:
    • CQII: Beginner Learning Lab
    • CQII: Train Our Trainers
    • Promise for HIP
    • HIV Navigation in Texas (HNT)
    • Trauma Informed Care Certification
    • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 817-370-4552

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