Lonnetta Wilson

Lonnetta, LBSW  

HIV Initiatives Program Manager

Lonnetta has 11 years’ worth of experience in the HIV/AIDS field, primarily focused on improving the lives of people living with HIV. Areas of expertise include:

  • Coordination and oversight of the Tarrant County response to Ending the HIV Epidemic treatment initiative to ensure coordination across other HIV-related funding streams.
  • Collaborating with external government and non-profit agencies to accomplish project deliverables, including overseeing a leadership team.
  • Evaluating complex, inter-agency progress to ensure that all project goals are achieved, and timelines are followed.
  • Recommending operational and administrative improvements impacting contracts and service delivery for a network of providers and 6,000+ people living with HIV in Tarrant County.
  • Conducting grants management responsibilities
  • Grant writing, work plan development, oversight of contractors, reporting, and all other aspects of grant’s management.
  • Coordinating the development of requests for proposals for all procured services
  • Ensures accurate completion of reports published by the Ending the HIV Epidemic program and quality management review assessments submitted to HRSA, County Administration, the HIV Planning Council, and other governmental organizations.
  • Builds and maintains relationships with community groups, businesses, universities, and other organizations to create awareness and promote program services



  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Licensed Social Work


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 817-370-4533


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